Are you concerned about expanding the dental hygienve scope of practice?


What is Penn Hy-PAC?

It is the Political Action Committee of the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association. The goal of Penn Hy-PAC is to effectively represent dental hygienists by assisting candidates for the Pennsylvania legislature who understand the needs and issues important to the profession of dental hygiene. It is an important effort to help dental hygienists remain viable and influential players in the political arena. It is through the political process that the Dental Law is changed and regulations affecting the profession are established.

How Does Penn Hy-PAC Work?

Penn Hy-PAC offers members and non-members of the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association an effective way to speak as a single voice to candidates and elected officials. Penn Hy-PAC makes political contributions, through our lobbyist, to help ensure the election of capable men and women who will deal responsibly with the issues affecting our profession.

Our PAC polls these contributions, then directs contributions to qualified candidates, challengers and incumbents, who are familiar with our profession and understand our issues.

It is also important to note that when it is an election year, PAC funds are essential for support of these qualified candidates during their campaigns.

Why Do We Need Penn Hy-PAC?

The groups that compete most effectively for lawmakers’ attention are those groups that participate most actively in the electoral process. To increase their effectiveness, businesses, labor unions, professional organizations and special interest groups form political action committees (PACs.) Simply put, these PACs gather funds and make campaign contributions. An effective PAC is a strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace of issues and ideas.

Why Do I Need To Get Involved?

Too often people think government and politics are someone else’s concern. The Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association believes that participation in the political process is everyone’s responsibility. All members and non-members need to be particularly sensitive to what the government is doing because legislative and regulatory actions can seriously affect our profession and our jobs.

Government cannot address our concerns if it does not know what they are. It is up to us to make sure legislators know what impact their decisions will have on us.

Who Gets PAC Money?

Contributions at the state level are directed to members of the following committees:

  • Committees in the House of Representatives: Appropriations, Health & Welfare, Insurance, Professional Licensure, etc.
  • Committees in the Senate: Appropriations, Banking & Insurance, Public Health & Welfare, Professional Licensure, etc.

Because the dental profession is heavily regulated, contributions will go to state lawmakers and other statewide candidates that play a role in these activities. PAC contributions traditionally support the leadership and key members that oversee areas of interest to our profession.

How Can I Contribute?

Contributions may be made throughout the year. By law, corporate and non-incorporated association checks are NOT permitted.

Personal checks ONLY please.  Contact Angie McDougal Email: [email protected] OR Phone 215-920-4556 for more information on contributions.