Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies Information

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The Pennsylvania Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies was formed in 1979 to encourage members to participate in continuing education courses and maintain their professional competence. The Academy provides a formal structure in which continuing education course completion can be recognized. Academy guidelines help ensure quality continuing education.

Your participation not only benefits you, but it states to your patients and to your colleagues that you value education itself and care enough to continue staying current within your chosen profession. With mandatory continuing education needed for license renewal, you will be going beyond the minimum PA state requirements, which will show well on your resume.

The courses attended must have been approved by the Pennsylvania Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies in order to apply toward membership. Forms are available for Self-Study and Independent Study courses (courses taken with other sponsor approval) and may be submitted to the Academy for individual consideration.


  • Reduced fees for all continuing education courses sponsored by the PDHA and the Academy
  • Certificate of Membership and Academy Pin
  • Letter of recommendation upon request
  • New members are received and inducted at the Academy meeting held during PDHA Annual Session

Candidates are required to complete the Academy New Member Application
Current Academy members may be interested in applying for Distinguished Member status

Academy Board of Directors

Laura DeHennis (Chair)     (SE) 2020                   Patricia Donnelly       (SE)   2021
Elaine Confer                     (NE) 2020                     Leeann Easley          (NW)  2021
Lorraine Lockawich            (NE)2020                    Elaine Kump              (SE)  2021
Barbara Reiprich                (SE)2020                      Deb Gschrey-  Independent Studies (ex-officio)

Independent Study

On occasion, an individual may find that they have participated in a continuing education program that does not have a PA Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies CEU number. In this case, the individual may apply for independent study credit. The independent study form gives you the guidelines to receive credit and appropriate methods to follow. Please feel free to contact the Course Accreditation Chair if you have any questions or require any individual assistance.

Complete an Academy Independent Study Application.

Academy Course Approval

Any organization can submit their course for consideration by the Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies. The Academy Course Approval Packet forms must be completed in their entirety and all requested information must be submitted.


1. Course should be submitted at least 45 days prior to the date of the course.
2. Business meetings, announcements, lunches, and breaks will not be counted in the number of hours awarded credit.
3. Courses should be submitted for approval prior to publication of the course to avoid miscommunication/embarrassment. Not all courses are approved for credit or for the number of hours requested.
4. Failure to comply with the stated guidelines may result in failure to obtain CEUs.
5. Make check payable to: PDHA. Fee schedule on application form.

Academy Attendee and Course Information Sheets