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Member Services

Our Member Services Committee is here to assist all members with questions on membership, member benefits, ADHA questions and concerns.

Members/Potential Members may direct their questions about membership to:

PDHA Member Services Committee Chair: Tiffany Kilpatrick at [email protected]

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Annual Membership Dues
Your dues includes membership in all three levels of our tripartite organization:
ADHA (“National”), PDHA (“Constituent” State) and Component (“Local”)

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Types of Membership :

Professional Membership

Ready to join? If you are licensed to practice, you are qualified to apply for a professional
membership. Join today and discover what it means to be backed by the collective power of thousandsof dental hygienists across the country.

Become a champion of oral health as you take the next step forward in connecting with your
community and your career.

Professional Member Application

Professional Member Annual Dues: $330.00 ($228.00 for ADHA / $92.00 for PDHA
/ $10.00 for your local Component)

Student Membership

Ready to join? If you are currently enrolled in an accredited dental hygiene program or pursuing a
complementary baccalaureate or graduate degree from an accredited college or institution of higher education, you are qualified to apply for student membership. Join today to start enjoying the benefits of membership for just $65 per year!

Once you graduate from your program, ADHA is happy to gift you a FREE trial membership. You don’thave to do a thing except make sure that your graduation date is current in our database andprofessional membership benefits.

Student Member Annual Dues: $65.00
Other Member Types

Senior Membership

In order to be eligible for senior membership, you must be a Professional member who has reachedthe full retirement age as set by the Social Security Administration and has either been a
Professional member of the Association for an aggregate total of thirty (30) years, or twenty-five
(25) consecutive years.

Senior Member Application

Senior Membership Annual Dues: $162.0

Members with Disabilities

Professional members who are unable to work due to a verified disability may apply for Disabled
status. All applications must be verified by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, and must
be accompanied by proof of eligibility each year.

Members with Disabilities Application

Members with Disabilities Annual Dues: $195.00 ($162.00 for ADHA / $23.00 for PDHA / $10.00 for your local Component)

International Member

International membership may be granted to any individual who (i) resides outside of the United
States; and (ii) holds a valid license to practice as a dental hygienist.
*International members are a nonvoting category of membership.

International Member Application

International Member Annual Dues: $216.00

Indicates non-voting member
Membership cycle runs from January 1 – December 31, with payment due by December 31.

 Remember every member counts!!!

Supporting Member

Dental hygienists who hold a current license but are unemployed or are not employed in a dentalhygiene related career are eligible for Supporting Membership. Dental hygienists who are employed in a position that can be considered one of the six roles of dental hygiene are not eligible, but they may apply for | Professional membership.

Application Procedures for Supporting Membership Category

Supporting Member Annual Dues: $164.00 ($108.00 for ADHA / $46.00 for PDHA /
$10.00 for your local Component)

Allied Member

Allied membership may be granted to any individual who supports the purposes and mission of the Association and who is not otherwise qualified for any other class of membership.

Allied Member Application

Allied Member Annual Dues: $164.00 ($108.00 for ADHA / $46.00 for PDHA / $10.00 for your local Component)