Tooth shaped flag pins

What is Penn Hy-PAC?
It is the Political Action Committee of the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association. The goal of Penn Hy-PAC is to effectively represent dental hygienists by assisting candidates for the Pennsylvania legislature who understand the needs and issues important to the profession of dental hygiene. It is an important effort to help dental hygienists remain viable and influential players in the political arena. It is through the political process that the Dental Law is changed and regulations affecting the profession are established.

Who Gets PAC Money?
Contributions at the state level are directed to members of the following committees:
• Committees in the House of Representatives: Appropriations, Health & Welfare, Insurance, Professional Licensure, etc.
• Committees in the Senate: Appropriations, Banking & Insurance, Public Health & Welfare, Professional Licensure, etc.

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