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Dear Colleagues;

As some of you might be aware the PDHA is supporting the proposed legislation HB 994 which is moving through committee. This piece of legislation is asking for the PHDHP to be allowed to provide screenings in school districts that do not already employ a Certified School Dental Hygienist (CSDH).  PHDHPs are  clinically qualified to perform this task which are screenings not examinations and are the same service provided by the school district dentists.   With approximately 500 school districts in our Commonwealth there are approximately 50 CSDHs.  We have over 800 licensed PHDHPs who are qualified to perform these services.  The goal is to increase access to care for our children. This legislation is needed to address the growing need for care in our state and the passage of this legislation will enable the PHDHP to begin screening these children and find them a true dental home.

HB 994 amends the Public School Code to allow school districts to utilize a PHDHP in a school district that does not employ a CSDH. The PDHA is not advocating to supplant the CSDH.  The PDHA is anticipating the growing need for care and is asking for your support.

There are four templates for you to download and  review.

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Time is of the essence the Education Committee will be meeting will be held  Monday June 10th.  I would ask that you email your letters in support of HB 994 to:   The Honorable Curt Sonney at:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at Subject line “Legislation”.

With sincerest thanks,

Carolynn B. Wahl, BSDH, PHDHP
Government Relations Chair, PDHA