What is an ADHA Student Member?

American Dental Hygienists’ Association Student Membership is a category of membership within the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. The ADHA is an association dedicated to the advancement and promotion of dental hygiene. The ADHA is the association of your profession.

You have taken a significant step in your future and have chosen to enter an important role in the oral health care profession. Whether you have just started school, or are close to graduation, being an ADHA Student Member is your critical link to the dental hygiene profession.

You are the primary driving force in your association and the essential foundation upon which the future of dental hygiene is based.

Student Member Benefits

As a student member, you are provided with invaluable opportunities to preview your career as a dental hygienist. Your affiliation with ADHA will help secure the success of your future in dental hygiene.

Scholarships – The ADHA Institute for Oral Health offers a variety of scholarship programs and research grants for students seeking careers in dental hygiene.

Recognition in Your Field – Membership in the ADHA provides opportunities for professional growth and recognition. Leadership opportunities are available at every level of membership.

Countless networking Opportunities – Join over 35,000 of your colleagues who have made the commitment to dental hygiene and to the ADHA. Members at the state and local levels meet regularly to discuss ideas, information and to share experiences.

Employment Assistance – The ADHA offers national advertising and employment reference materials to assist students upon graduation.

Job Security – Once you’ve found a job, the ADHA is right there helping to monitor legislative efforts to impact government activities that affect the practice of dental hygiene.

Financial Security – The ADHA provides members with affordable professional liability insurance, as well as group health, automobile, term life and disability insurance. you are also eligible to apply for a student MasterCard.

Continuing Education – The ADHA helps you stay abreast of the issues affecting the dental hygiene profession. Student Members are eligible to receive a 25% discount on self-study continuing education programs. Students will also receive information about the ADHA’s Annual Session.

Publications – the Student Member is also eligible to receive publications such as The Journal of Dental Hygiene and Access. $6.00 and $5.00 of Membership dues are allocated to the Journal of Dental Hygiene and Access respectively.

The benefits of membership in the ADHA are limited only by your involvement!

All active member benefits are also extended to our student members. Read more about student membership in the ADHA here.

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