2020 Informative Posters

November 23, 2020

PDHA hosted the Informative Posters online on 11-18-20 and it was a success!!!
The students were well prepared and presented information on a variety of subjects. The judges were impressed and their comments showed how much they enjoyed hearing the students, and seeing the effort they put into their posters.
A list of the top 10 posters and the schools that presented them follows. Way to go!!!
Join PDHA in congratulating ALL the presenters and thank you to the judges for your feedback and encouragement.
We hope to see you in Erie, PA in October 2021.

1st Place ($250) “The Innovation of Smiles”
Tori Bish, Sonnet Woodrow Westmoreland

2nd Place ($200) “Transforming Treatment for Transplant Patients”
Tara Roupp, Kimberly Bergenstock Penn College

3rd Place ($150) “ Anesthetizing the Fear of Dental Anxiety”
Alexis Marker, Elizabeth Rea Westmoreland

4th Place ($100) “Going Green: Innovative Products for Periodontal Prevention and Maintenance”
Madilyn Serenko, Erin Gohn, Kylee Gaspar Penn College

5th Place ($50) “ Nuts over Coconut Oil Pulling”
Eleni Paradisis, Caitlyn Gentile, Kate Yakovleva, Jose Fulgencio CCP

6th Place ($50) “ The Move Toward Intraoral Digital Scanning”
Rachel Anderson, Yasmeen Froukh CCP

7th Place ($50) “ Going Green in Dentistry”
Abigail Sihler, Alexi Benner NCC

8th Place ($50) “ Toothbrush Induced Epilepsy”
Eliza Miller, Katie Reimer NCC

9th Place ($50) Don’t Forget About Me: Association of Periodontal Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease”
Lauren Reckner, Alyssia Reifer, John Rogers, Emily Teresi Univ. of Pitt

10th Place ($50) TIE
“ Rethink Your Drink”
Shawna Daley, Ciara Horvat Westmoreland

“ The Impact of Cranberries on Oral Health”
Serenity Rodriguez, Lesly Balan-Lopez NCC