Do you have an interest in serving as a PDHA delegate? This year you are able to serve in the comfort of your own home! The 2020 face-to-face PDHA Annual Session and House of Delegates will be replaced by a virtual session due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. There will be a virtual delegates’ session held on November 7th with a limited agenda for business which will include participation in a Candidates Forum to interact with candidates for all open positions and vote electronically. The proposed bylaws and resolutions will be postponed until 2021. More details for the entire conference are forthcoming! We hope to “see” you there!

Listed below are the qualification, duties, timeline and number of delegates per component allowed in accordance with the PDHA bylaws and based on the July ADHA/PDHA membership roster.


A voting member in good standing of this Association and of the Component/Sector which he/she will represent.


In accordance with the provisional policy established by the PDHA, a delegate shall nominate and elect officers, ADHA Delegates/alternates and specific committee members.


  1. (a)  August 11th – Search begins for all Component delegates to serve in the virtual PDHAdelegate session (refer to the list below of number of delegates per component in accordance with the PDHA Bylaws Article X, Section 3 based on the ADHA July membership). Nominees must have an email address and shall submit their Candidate Application click here to the Leadership Development Committee Chair (refer to Candidate Application template). Applications are due no later than August 20th.
  2. (b)  August 21st – If necessary, the LDC members will seek additional nominations until it has at least as many nominees as positions available. All Candidate Applications will be sent to Central Office no later than August 29th for preparation of ballot.
  3. (c)  August 31st – Central Office will send an electronic ballot with Candidate Applications to all voting members in the Component if there are more candidates than the allowed number of delegates. The Candidate Applications and the ballot will be mailed through the U.S. Postal Service to any members who do not have an email address on file with the PDHA/ADHA.

All ballots shall be returned within 14 days of the date of the ballot. (Ballots are due by September 14th) Candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to serve as delegate. The Candidates receiving the next highest votes will be selected as alternate delegates until all positions are filled.

(d) September 14th – Ballots due.

(e) September 20th – The Executive Secretary along with an LDC member who is not a nominee will tally the votes and email all elected delegates. Administrative Chairs will notify all component members by email or phone if no email address on file.

Ballots and tally sheets will be kept on file in Central Office for one year.

(f) September 25th – Delegates’ names and contact information will be inserted in the delegates’ manual.

Below is a list of each component, total members and allocation of delegates:

57 members
2 delegates

142 members
6 delegates

168 members
6 delegates

440 members
17 delegates