Now is the time to set up your account profile. By the end of January, there will
be three courses hosted by your North East Component – Sector 9

Course Dates:

  • Wednesday March 20th – 2 CEU’s, PM Snow date March 27th
  • Friday April 5th – 3 CEU’s, AM
  • Wednesday May 22nd – 2 CEU’s, PM

By the end of January, these courses will be posted on CE Zoom for you to register and pay.

For questions regarding the courses, please contact:

Cynthia Staffieri Workman at: cynthiasw55@gmail.com or
Betty Zumpano at: eazone@ptd.net

By the end of May, you will be able to register for Fall 2019 courses.

  • Wednesday October 2nd – 2 CEU PM
  • Friday November 1st – 2 CEU AM

Looking forward to seeing you for our continuing education series!!