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Name Badges

Anyone who would like to order a name badge with magnetic back and ADHA logo, please send your name and credential info to Laura DeHennis at


The Northwest Component will be hosting our two day Spring CE event on May 17 and 18th 2019 at the Ambassador Center in Erie. Details forthcoming.

Tooth shaped flag pins

Our Penn Hy-PAC team has 100 ‘Tooth shape Flag’ pins available for a small donation of $10.00 each. PLEASE purchase and wear your pin ‘Hygienist Proud’. PDHA member leaders will have pins available at your component CE courses this fall and at Annual Session in Scranton Nov 8-11

Act 31 Child Abuse

Are you concerned about the new Act 31 Child Abuse requirements? Please log in to your account and click “Hygienists in the Know” to learn all the details!

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Please take a moment to fill out this survey to sumbit data to fully assess the barriers dental hygienists may face with public health and access to oral health care.

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Take my Hand…..Become a Mentor

Now is YOUR time to step up and share your knowledge and experience with a student ready to graduate and begin a hygiene career. Your support and encouragement will make a difference and be greatly appreciated. This is your chance to pay it forward-take a minute and sign up to be a mentor.  Thank you in advance for reaching out and taking someone’s hand….Laura DeHennis RDH, PHDHP

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