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Potential Mentors — Remember when you were a student completing your educational program in dental hygiene? Do you think your time as a student would have been made easier if you had had a mentor to talk to outside of your program setting? Do you think you would have transitioned more smoothly from your educational program into the professional world if you had had a working friend to give you first-hand insight? If you feel like a mentor would have benefited your dental hygiene educational experience, then maybe you’d like to participate in the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association’s Virtual Mentoring Program.

Students –Being a student member of ADHA is the gateway to your future professional development. To assist you in fostering the type of important relationships that will be with you for the duration of your career as a dental hygienist, the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists Association (PDHA) would like to introduce you to the Virtual Mentor Program.  The Virtual Mentor Program is an exciting new way to meet your peers and connect with today’s dental hygiene leaders. If you choose to participate in the program, you’ll be paired up with an established dental hygienist that can answer your questions, provide guidance and support as you complete your education and introduce you to the world of being a dental hygienist that you’ll soon be entering.

The PDHA as well as the ADHA are committed to excellence both in the advancement of dental hygiene and in the next generation of dental hygienists. To this end, we encourage you to participate in the Virtual Mentoring program as a way to bring dental hygienists and students together, so that students can get the guidance and encouragement they need and so that today’s dental hygienists can directly nurture the future of dental hygiene.

To enroll in the program and get paired up with an interested student/mentor, simply click the link and download the PDHA VIRTUAL MENTOR Application (for mentors) or the PDHA STUDENT Application (for students).  After opening this document on your computer, please download it, fill it out completely and save it to your computer. Then simply email it as an attachment to If you have not received confirmation of receipt within 48 hours, please resend following steps above.  Once you have been assigned, you will both be notified of your pairing via e-mail. From there, it is up to you and the student to grow your relationship.

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact me at


Laura DeHennis RDH, PHDHP

PDHA Mentor Program Coordinator

PDHA Past President (2014)



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