Our Member Services Committee is here to assist all members with questions on membership, member benefits, ADHA questions and concerns.

Members/Potential Members may direct their questions about membership to:

PDHA Member Services Committee Chair: Katie Janke at kmstickney@gmail.com

Need a full description of the tangible ADHA benefits?  Sign in at www.adha.org and check out all the discounts and promotional programs available to members!

     Annual Membership Dues

ADHA Dues = $196.00     PDHA Dues =$92.00    Component Dues =$10.00

Total= $298.00

There are 2 cycles: Summer or Winter– depending on when you join:

  • Summer Cycle enrollment runs from April 1-September 30th
  • Summer cycle payments are due: July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1
  • Winter Cycle enrollment runs from October 1-March 31st
  • Winter cycle payments are due: Jan 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1


OPTION 1: Payment in full

  • Joining by Jan. 1st – follows Winter Cycle -Best time to have member benefits for whole year!
  • Recent Graduates– transition student membership ASAP after graduation

OPTION 2: Payment by Quarterly Installments

  • Payments are divided into 4 equal payments
  • Example: $298 (total dues)/4 quarterly payments = $74.50 per quarter
  • A processing fee of $3/ quarter would be added = $77.50 per quarter
  • Current members can switch to the quarterly payment plan by contacting ADHA member services at (312)440-8900 or online at www.adha.org
  • Payment is offered by electronic payment with a credit card- no checks
  • Payment will be automatically withdrawn from your credit card on the above dates
  • You will receive an electronic notice 45 days prior to each installment withdrawal date
  • If no payment is received, you will be dropped from the installment plan 45 days after payment was due
  • If your credit card changes at any time during the year you must notify ADHA member services of this change as soon as possible

 Remember every member counts!!!