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PDHA 2018-2019 Officer Information


President’s Message

Lisa Maisonet, RDH, BS, PHDHP, EFDA, CDA
Transcending Boundaries

What does it mean to think outside the box? Out of the box thinking unleashes the potential for innovative thinking that can help in generating new ideas and thoughts, and transcending past boundaries that have been holding us back from achieving our greatest potential.

As preventive specialists, we are at a crossroads, a point in which we must make crucial decisions that can lead to incredible professional opportunities.  It is a time where we must transcend the boundaries that have existed in dentistry, so that together as dental professionals we can come up with solutions that can help enhance the oral health of Pennsylvanians.

We are at a time where we can work together to strengthen our association by having the ability to take completely different approaches that may be the key to finding solutions that were not once seen.  We must work on doing things creatively and getting away from the mentality of, “This is the way we’ve always done things.”

Let’s come together in working to transcend boundaries that have been hindering us from making the greatest contributions in our professions, and becoming the best that we can be.

There is no more important time than now to join your professional organization in working together to serve as a strong voice in challenging the NORM. In Helen Keller’s words, “Alone we can do so little Together we can do so much.”

Lisa Maisonet, RDH, BS, PHDHP, EFDA, CDA
President PDHA

Past PDHA Presidents

1923-24 Emma Ditzell Conroy1971-72 Susann Smith
*1924-25 Gladys Shaeffer Myers*1972-73 Nancy McCollum Wells
*1925-26 Charlotte Kiart Sullivan1973-74 Carolyn James Harbourt
*1926-27 Marian Arnold*1974-75 Sherri Young Dunbar
*1927-28 Gertrude Engstrom Berg1975-76 Anne Schlegel Follweiller
*1929-30 Mada Reilly1976-77 Nancy Roy Miller
*1930-31 Margaret Jeffries1977-78 Nancy Dering Martin
*1931-32 Margaret Baily*1978-79 Margaret Rickenback Smith
*1932-33 Mathilde Krauser Finzimer1979-80 Carolyn Charles Thompson
*1933-34 Janice Weaver Graham1980-81 Beverly Hugus Fertig
*1934-35 Marie Copenhayer Palmer1981-82 Mary Swartz Yohe
*1935-36 Catherine Schwab Preass1982-83 Davie Jane Saxton Gilmore
*1936-37 Aline Weidenmarm1983-84 Linda Luckenbaugh Moore
1937-38 Marian Tomlinson1984-85 Robin Holmes
*1938-39 Martha Truhan1985-86 Kathy Zimmerman Schlotthauer
1939-40 Mae Sarsfield1986-87 Karen Combs Flickinger
1940-41 Frances Edey Carlson1987-88 Joanne Marancik Clionsky
1941-42 Camila Overpeck Faust1988-89 Deborah Wilson
1942-43 Thelby Clouser1989-90 Lynne G. Laughman
*1943-44 Blanche Carlin Downie1990-91 Brenda Sue Martin
*1944-45 Mariam Willis1991-92 Mariellen Brickley Raab
*1945-46 Ida Mae Stilley Mahor1992-93 Cheryl A. Sichler
*1946-47 Elizabeth Ritter1993-94 Terry Barr
*1947-48 Margaret Reuther1994-95 Carol Martin
*1948-49 Ester Doyle1995-96 Laura Bush
*1949-51 Ruth Heck1996-97 Pamela Weaver Henderson
1951-52 Jacqueline Schunck Kolben1997-98 Anita Lantzy Jackson
1952-53 Irene Stankiewicz1998-99 Cindy Finfrock
*1953-54 Julie Wehrle1999-2000 Lillian Caperila
1954-55 Beatrice D. Watkins2000-01 Faye Capirano
*1955-56 Mary G Grim2001-02 Susan L. Wienand
1956-57 Nancy Waldeck Sontag2002-03 Sherri L. Meyers
*1957-58 Louise Coira2003-04 Peggy Yurcho
*1958-59 Dorothy Clark2004-05 Judy Gelinas
1959-60 Margaret Lingenfelter2005-06 Jane Balavage
1960-61 Marjorie H. Smith2006-07 Judy Ernst
1961-62 Marian Weaver Bell2007-08 Jaclyn Gleber
1962-63 Margery Hall Johnson2008-09 Christine Bennett
*1963-64 Marilyn Roth Smith2009-10 Megan Brightbill
*1964-65 Ella Ege2010-11 Elaine Anderson Kump
1965-66 Doris Lemp2011-12 Lorraine Lockawich
*1966-67 Eleanor H. Krum Miley2012-13 Alberta Landis
1967-68 Betsy A. Alden2013-14 Laura DeHennis
*1968-69 Carol Gareis Karmack2014-15 Dana Shaffer
1969-70 Kathleen Silko Miller2015-17 Christi Olson
1970-71 R. Roberta Throne
* Deceased

ADHA’s Unleashing Your Potential Workshop @ The Gwen Hotel
Nov 22 – Nov 24 all-day

Unleashing Your Potential is ADHA’s once-in-a-lifetime leadership development program to help dental hygienists grow not only as professionals, but as association leaders. Each year, applicants are chosen to come to Chicago for a weekend with ADHA leaders to focus on personal development, collaborative leadership and fiduciary responsibility. All of these play vital roles not only in association leadership but also in your career, no matter the practice setting. The Leadership Development Committee encourages you to build your leadership skills by applying today!

Applications are due August 5, 2019.



President: Lisa Maisonet, RDH, BS, PHDHP
Email: Lisandrardh@gmail.com

President-Elect:  Linda Straub-Bruce, RDH, BSEd, PHDHP
Email: LStraub@velocity.net

Members-at-Large:  Cynthia Staffieri Workman, RDH, BS
Email: cynthiasw55@gmail.com

Members-at-Large:  Peggy Yurcho, RDH
Email: peggyrdh@gmail.com

Treasurer: Anita Jackson, RDH
Email: ajacksonrdh@comcast.net

Parliamentarian: Linda Moore, RDH
Email: mygrandy@hotmail.com

Speaker of the House: Faye Kulp
Email: Kulp_Faye@comcast.net

Dental Hygienist on the State Board of Dentisty:Donna Schoenecker
Email: Schoeneckerdonna@yahoo.com


SECTOR 1: Crawford, Erie, Lawrence, Mercer and Venango Counties
Sarah Goard, RDH, BS
Email: goard002@gmail.com

SECTOR 2: Clarion, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean and Warren Counties
Tanya Gayley, RDH
Email: tanyagayley@hotmail.com

SECTOR 3: Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton and Potter Counties
Laura Crawford, RDH, MHS, PHDHP
Email: lauracrawford33@gmail.com

SECTOR 4: Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene and Washington Counties
Heidi Spangler
Email: Hspangle@my.bridgeport.edu

SECTOR 5: Armstrong, Cambria, Fayette, Indiana, Somerset and Westmoreland Counties
Colleen Kalp, RDH
Email: cdkalp@gmail.com

SECTOR 6: Bedford, Blair, Franklin, Fulton and Huntingdon Counties

SECTOR 7: Columbia, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder, Tioga and Union Counties
David Tule, RDH
Email: davet06@windstream.net

SECTOR 8:  Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming Counties
Elizabeth Puzak-Frushon
Email: Bfrushon@gmail.com

SECTOR 9: Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe, Northampton and Pike Counties
Lorraine Lockawich, RDH, PHDHP, MBA
Email: lorirdh@rcn.com

SECTOR 10: Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Juniata, Mifflin and Perry Counties
Tracey Knaub, RDH
Email: traceykrdh@gmail.com

SECTOR 11: Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, Schuylkill and York Counties
Alexandra DiGiacomo, RDH
Email: adiagiacomo11@gmail.com

SECTOR 12: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties
Barbara Reiprich, RDH, PHDHP
Email: barbreiprich@gmail.com

ADHA District II Trustee (represents PA, NY, NJ & CT)
Donna Hickey, RDH

2019 ADHA Delegates
Lisa Maisonet, Linda Straub-Bruce, Sarah Goard, Melissa Lucarelli, Barbara Reiprich
Alternate Delegate: Carolyn Wahl

PDHA Central Office Contact Information
Margie Mengle, Executive Secretary
PHONE (717) 766-0334
FAX (717) 766-4452
PO Box 606
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055