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– There will be limited attendance in some CE courses due to room size.
– Academy Members and ADHA Members must be on the current membership roster.
– ADA or ADAA Members – use member fee.
– 2017 Grad or Current Student – current student (must send copy of student ID) or 2017 graduate (Use GRAD fee).
– Distinguished Academy Members Must be on the current roster. May choose Course #3 or 4 at no charge.
– Continuing Education Credits:  All courses have been approved for continuing education credits through the Academy of General Dentistry, the Pennsylvania Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies, and the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB.)

Handouts for this year’s courses will be posted on line on the PDHA website. Prior to annual session, you will receive an email with a personal link to the handout(s) for the course(s) you are attending. Please download or print your handouts and bring them to your course(s).  You are permitted to bring your laptop to the course in order to access the handouts, however, power outlets/strips will not be permitted. The handouts will be available on the link until November 15, 2017. A hardcopy will not be distributed at the course. Please be sure to provide your email address on the registration form to be able to attain the link needed. The links will not be public knowledge.

FRIDAY, November 3, 2017
CE#1 – 2 CEUs 8:00am—10:30am (light breakfast)
“Mindfulness for Stress Management: Life Skills to Meet the Uncertainties of an Ever-Changing World” (Course for Educators and Clinicians)
Speaker: Deborah M. Holexa, RDH, MAEd
Course Description: Living in a world of 24/7 connectivity, to-do-lists that are never ending, the uncertainty of health, aging, politics, economics, and global climate health can lead one tof feel an ever-present sense of unease. Mindfulness skills assist in learning to live in the present moment, the only moment where life can be lived. Research has shown that developing mindfulness skills can increase well-being, enhance relationships, create more pro-social behaviors, strengthen focused attention and working memory, decrease depressive symptoms and awaken compassion and empathy for self and others. Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of what is happening in the moment without judging it or wanting it to be different than it is in any given moment. This workshop will explore the current science of mindfulness and the brain, investigate three foundations of mindfulness; awareness of thoughts, body sensations and emotions, and engage in practices that will assist in beginning the journey toward a mindful life.

FRIDAY, November 3, 2017
CE#2 – 3 CEUs 12:00pm—3:30pm (light lunch)
“It Takes a Village: Opioid Addiction and the Dental Professional Role”
Speaker: Jasmin Haley, RDH, BSDH, CDA
Course partially sponsored by: Phocal Therapy
Course Description: Course Description: The US Surgeon General reports that drug overdose is the leading cause of preventable death. Diverse communities across the United States are struggling with the ramifications of drug addiction. Substance abuse and addictions is a challenging and major public health concern that all medical and dental professionals should be prepared to address. This course will outline current trends of drug addiction and the life-saving efforts all professionals can participate in to address this epidemic.
Following the presentation, participants will be able to:
• Recognize current trends and most commonly used drugs
• Understand the potentially life-threatening risks of new drugs on the market
• Identify programs utilized in some states to save lives
• Learn about the use of Naloxone, the administration of this drug and your potential role in its delivery to persons in need

SATURDAY, November 4, 2017
CE #3 – 3 CEUs 8:30am—12:00pm (light breakfast)
“Fattening of America—Where Does Dentistry Fit Into the Puzzle?”
Speaker: Lisa F. Harper-Mallonee, BSDH, MPH, RD, LD
Course sponsored by: Premier Dental Products
Course Description: Course Description: The population is growing… and so are our waist lines! The dental visit isn’t “just about the mouth”—it’s about the whole patient! The updated food pyramid—how can we relate this information to our patients? Sugar intake, portion control—encouraging healthy habits—what does dentistry have to do with the obesity crisis? Ongoing research and emerging information regarding diet and nutrition as it relates to oral health will be discussed.
At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:
• Understand the interrelationship between obesity and oral health.
• Relate the importance of diet to dental patients during oral health care appointments.
• Encourage healthier food choices.
• Work with nutrition professionals as multidisciplinary team members in patient management.
• Manage nutritional issues either by direct patient guidance or appropriate referral.

SATURDAY, November 4, 2017
CE#4 – 3 CEUs 2:00pm—5:00pm
“Ingredient Investigation for the Dental Professional: Taking a Closer Look at Dental Products, Herbals, Dietary Supplements and the Significance of their Positive and Negative Effects”
Speaker: Linda Straub-Bruce, RDH, BSEd, PHDHP
Course sponsored by: Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
Course Description:  Course Description: While once thought of as “off-the-beaten path products,” dietary supplements and herbal products have captured the supplement marketplace. Given this growing popularity, it is imperative that dental professionals understand their effects on the oral environment, differences between these preparations & their common uses. Additionally, products used in dentistry and oral home care have a wide ranging array of ingredients and are ever changing. This course also explores how allergies and sensitivities factor into decision making for product choices we use in practice and recommendations we make to our patients. We will explore the science behind the active ingredients of newer and off-the-beaten path products as well as ingredients that have recently come under scrutiny.
Learning Outcomes:
• Have an understanding of medicinal herbals, antioxidants, vitamins, dietary supplements and essential oils
• Explain the role of vitamins in oral health, list the most common “actions” of herbs
• Understand the regulatory process of herbals and dietary supplements
• Discuss safety of herbals and dietary supplements
• Identify the most commonly used herbs that can interact with bleeding and local anesthesia
• Explain the difference between an allergy and a sensitivity
• Examine ingredients in dental products that may have an allergy contraindication
• Identify common ingredients in oral home care products


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