It has been decided that our face-to-face Annual Session for this year will be replaced with a virtual meeting on November 7, 2020. In accordance with a provisional policy established by the PDHA, elections will still be held and voted electronically by delegates. Details are forthcoming! 

Listed below are the terms, qualifications and brief description of responsibilities for the 2021 PDHA officers and positions to be elected at this year’s virtual meeting. Also included are those positions for election of Penn Hy-PAC Board of Directors by the Board of Trustees. All candidates are required to submit a curriculum vitae/resume except for the committees of Leadership Development, Personnel and Penn Hy-PAC. All candidates for Speaker of the House, Member-at-Large and ADHA Delegates will participate in the Candidates’ Forum during the designated time of the virtual meeting. The candidates for committees of Leadership Development and Personnel shall also be available for questions. Electronic elections will be held the day of the virtual meeting. 

Curriculum vitae is due in Central Office no later than September 25. 

Speaker of the House: 

Term – 2 years, with a limit of 3 consecutive terms Qualifications – Must be a voting member. It is preferred to have at least two years’ 

experience as a Board of Trustee member, Committee Chair, PDHA Officer or a similar position in another state association. Duties – Preside over the meeting of the House of Delegate; perform other duties as 

prescribed in the Scopes or as directed by the President or the Board of Trustees; attend Board of Trustee meetings; consult with the Parliamentarian and President as necessary for orderly operation of the House of Delegates; confer with the Committee on Administration- Bylaws, Standing Rules of the House of Delegates and Reference Committee orientation for PDHA Annual Session. 

Two Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee: Term – 1 year, with a limit of 3 consecutive terms Qualifications – Shall be from components other than those of the President and President- 

Elect. Duties – Along with the President and President-Elect, they shall transact routine business 

between meetings of the Board of Trustees and perform any special duties as assigned by the Board of Trustees and/or the House of Delegates. 

ADHA Delegates/Alternate Delegates: (President and President-Elect will serve as delegates) 

Term – 1 year (no limitation of terms) Qualifications – It is preferred to have served at least two years as an elected or appointed 

PDHA officer, Trustee or Committee Chair, or a similar position in another state 

association. Duties – Attend all PDHA Board of Trustees meetings, the District II meeting and ADHA 

Annual Session; as defined in the Guidelines for Delegates to ADHA. 

All funding for the above elected PDHA offices and positions is in accordance with the PDHA Funding Document and budget. 

Curriculum Vitae not required for the following: 

Leadership Development Committee (4 members to be elected in even years by HOD): 

Term – 2 year, with a limit of 3 consecutive terms Qualifications – Shall have 2 years’ experience as a Committee Chair, or Trustee, or an elected 

or appointed position. Duties – Shall nominate candidates for each elected office for the Association, at least two 

members for Trustee from each sector and Delegates to represent Unincorporated Components; assist the President in filling positions, if necessary; and mentor members and provide for growth of new leadership of the Association. 

Personnel Committee (1 member to be elected in even years by HOD): 

Term – 2 years, with a limit of 3 consecutive terms Qualifications – Shall have served at least 10 consecutive years as a member of the 

Association and at least 5 years as an elected or appointed officer of the Association, Trustee or Committee Chair. At least one member of the committee shall not be a Trustee, and no member shall be an officer of the association. Duties – Review protocol and procedures for exit interviews; conduct performance 

evaluations of all independent contractors; discuss concerns regarding fulfillment of duties and responsibilities with Officers, Trustees, Committee Chairs or Committee members and Independent Contractors as may be necessary or as requested by the President and/or the Board of Trustees. 

Penn Hy-PAC (3 members to serve as directors to be elected in even years by BoT) 

Term – 2 years, with no limitation of re-election Qualifications – Shall be a contributor to Penn Hy-PAC Duties – To encourage dental hygienists and others to understand political issues; to 

organize themselves for more effective political action; and support those legislative candidates whose political principles support the PDHA’s purposes, policies and goals. 

Any questions please contact Faye Kulp, Chair of Leadership Development Committee by email Kulp_Faye@comcast.net or call 717-507-2637.